Slip and fall cases are the most challenging cases in Florida because the insurance companies win most of these cases when they go to trial.
The secret to successfully settling a slip and fall case and avoiding trial is to prepare the case as if it were going to trial. At Justce Law Firm, we settle over 95% of the slip and fall cases that we take. That means, we rarely have to risk going to trial where the insurance company wins over 80% of slip and fall cases nationwide! How do we do it? Preparation. That’s how.

If an insurance company sees that you are prepared to take the case to trial, they want to settle. Why? There are two reasons:

They will have to spend between $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 defending the case; and
Although they win over 80% of these cases, when they lose, they usually lose big.
Rather than spend the $25,000.00 and possible lose even more money with a large verdict, the insurance company would rather settle now. However, unless they are given a good reason to settle, they will take their chances. We understand this. We educate the insurance company and provide them with expert reports, photographs, video, and a courtroom presentation of why we are going to win at trial. We do this before a lawsuit is ever filed. This strategy is effective because it allows an insurance adjuster to justify paying top dollar now and save the legal expenses of defending the case at trial. All the adjuster wants to do is have documentation and evidence to support their decision to pay. We provide it to them on a silver platter.

If a store was not on notice of the dangerous condition that caused you to slip and fall, then you have no case.

To be legally responsible for the injuries you suffered from slipping or tripping and falling on someone else’s property, one of the following must be true:

The owner of the premises or an employee must have caused the dangerous condition
The owner of the premises or an employee must have known of the dangerous condition but failed to correct it
The owner of the premises or an employee should have known of the dangerous condition through regular inspections of its premises
The third situation is the most common, but is also less clear-cut than the first two because of those words “should have known.” Liability in these cases is often decided by common sense. Judges and juries determine whether the owner or occupier of property was careful by deciding if the steps the owner or occupier took to keep the property safe were reasonable.

If you were involved in a slip and fall, call the injury lawyers who have the insight, experience, and resources to get you the top dollar for your case. Our accident attorneys handle cases in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Davie, Plantation, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Miami, and Palm Beach

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