I was bitten by a dog at my neighbor’s house, and they rent the property, can I still sue them?

Yes.  Typically, we go after the homeowner who rented the property as well as the dog owner.  The homeowner is responsible if they rent a house to a tenant who owns an animal if they knew or should have known the animal could have injured someone.

What if there is no insurance to cover a dog bite incident and I was seriously injured, can I sue the dog owner personally?

Yes, you can always sue the dog owner personally.  However, dog owners usually do not have the assets needed to fully compensate your for your injuries.  Therefore, we look to other ways to allow an insurance company to get involved so that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

These days, most homeowner’s policies exclude dog attacks.  This means that you are stuck with suing the homeowner personally.  We do complete asset searches on these dog owners to determine if there are any assets to recover prior to making a decision.

I live in a condominium or apartment complex; can I sue if another tenant’s dog attacks me?

Yes.  In this scenario, the condominium and/or apartment complex is also responsible if they knew or should have known that a dog was on the premises and could have attacked someone.  We request all notices, complaints, police reports, and interview neighbors to see if the condominium and/or apartment complex knew that a dog was dangerous or has attacked before.

Who will pay my medical bills if I get bitten or attacked by a dog?

If you do not have health insurance, then your medical bills will not be paid.  However, we can help you find a doctor who will treat your injuries without asking for payment up front.  Rather, we can sign paperwork that would allow the doctor to get paid once we settle your case.

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