Do I have to post the entire amount of the bond in order to get out of jail?

No.  That is what a bondsman is for.  Most bondsmen require 10 percent of the total bond amount as payment, and they will post the rest.  They may require certain collateral such as real estate or personal property.   You should be aware that you will not get the 10% back.  The bondman will keep this amount.

Sometimes, it is better to post the entire bond yourself.  At the end of the case, you will get the entire amount back.  More importantly, you are not bound by the terms and conditions of your bondsman.

Is it possible to get a reduction in the amount of my bond?

Yes.  Our attorneys are experienced in getting bond reductions for our clients.  A bond hearing or first appearance hearing usually takes place within 24 hours following an arrest.  The magistrate presides over first appearance hearings and usually sets a standard bond according to a schedule.  Our criminal defense attorneys can appear at this hearing on an emergency basis and request a bond reduction.

Please note that our criminal attorneys can always request the presiding judge for a bond reduction even after the first appearance.  A judge looks at an individuals ties to the community, citizenship status, prior criminal history, and ability to pay when setting a bond.

Our skilled defense attorneys can get a judge to agree to a lower bond by setting certain conditions of bond:  electronic monitoring, counseling, telephone reporting, etc.

What factors do the judge look at in determining the amount of my bond?

There is no magic formula when determining a bond amount.  Most of the time the judge will set bond according to the standard bond schedules.  However, when a bond reduction is requested, there are several factors that a judge considers: the amount of time someone has lived in the area, personal ties to the community, employment, and prior criminal history.

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