Who can I sue if I was injured or a loved one suffered an injury or death in a pool or Jacuzzi?

Typically, the owner of the pool or Jacuzzi is the proper party to sue.  However, sometimes other parties come into play when someone is seriously injured or dies in a pool or Jacuzzi.  Sometimes the apartment complex, builder, or even manufacturer is brought into a lawsuit.  These cases are very complex and require extensive research before a lawsuit is filed.

Can I still sue for on behalf of a loved on for a death in a pool or Jacuzzi even if I do not know all of the facts or cause of death?

Yes.  Typically when someone dies in a pool or Jacuzzi, the facts of what happened are unknown.  In a Jacuzzi case, we have a team of attorneys and investigators check the temperature of the water, the heating equipment, the thermometer, and chlorine levels of the Jacuzzi to determine if the water was is kept at a proper temperature.  We find that more often than not, Jacuzzi’s are not maintained properly and are operated in an unsafe manner.

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