I live outside of the State of Florida; can I still sue a cruise line that I embarked in a port of call inside Florida?

Yes. Most of the cruise ship passengers that embark on cruises within the State of Florida are from other areas. You can still sue a cruise line in Florida even if you live in another state or country. In fact, most cruise ships require you to sue in a Florida court.

What is the statute of limitations if I was injured while on board a cruise ship?

The statute of limitations is typically one (1) year or shorter if you sue for injuries aboard a cruise ship. In some instances, it can be as little as 6 months! This is very important because if you do not file a lawsuit within that time, your claim will be forever barred. You should read your ticket and rules which accompany your cruise ship ticket to determine the statute of limitations for your case.

Can I still go on a cruise even if I made a claim against the cruise line and my case is pending?

Of course. Cruise lines are in business to make money. Just because you were injured aboard a cruise and make a claim does not mean that you are banned from going on another cruise. Even if we settle your case, you will still be allowed to go on another cruise with the same cruise line.

Can I see a doctor outside the State of Florida if I was injured on a cruise that I left from a Florida port of call?

Yes. Most of our clients who were injured on a cruise live out of state. There is no problem with seeing a doctor out of state. We will gather the medical records from your doctor and submit them to the insurance company for the cruise line without any issue.

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