Over $100 MILLION recovered for past clients!

  • $3+ MILLION for Wrongful Arrest
  • $950,000 Auto accident
  • $450,000 Slip & Fall
  • $400,000 Auto accident
  • $400,000 Slip & Fall
  • $250,000 Auto accident
  • $200,000 Auto accident
  • $175,000 Auto accident
  • $120,000 Slip & Fall
  • $110,000 Auto accident
  • $100,000 Auto accident
  • $100,000 Auto accident
  • $100,000 Auto accident
  • $100,000 Attack at hotel
  • $100,000 Auto accident
  • $100,000 Auto accident


Our client was involved in a moderate impact collision and sustained low back pain as a result. The insurance company tendered the policy of $250,000 within one month due to the excellent work performed by our team. The only issue was that our client had PIP coverage from out of state and the law required the PIP coverage be repaid to the insurance company. The PIP lien was $100,000 but we successfully negotiated the PIP lien to $7,500. That is only 7.5% ! Our team was able to find a loophole in the law that saved our client $92,500.00.

SLIP AND FALL: $450,000

Our client was injured as a result of a fall at Winn-Dixie and she sustained low back and hip pain. She treated conservatively for several months and ultimately had to have a fusion surgery. Winn-Dixie decided not to pay and forced our firm to litigate. After a few years of litigation, Winn-Dixie decided to settle for $450,000.


Our client was arrested for Armed Burglary and was identified by the alleged victim as the burglar. The client hired our firm to represent him and our team was able to get the case dismissed. The client then went to hire a law firm that “specializes” in wrongful arrest cases. Our client quickly learned that he was not getting the answers he wanted and the excellent service he deserved from the other law firm. He then decided to come back to our firm. After years of litigation against the alleged victim and police department in Boca Raton, we went to trial and got a jury verdict of $3 million dollars.


Our clients were driving their vehicle when a commercial truck decided to cut them off and collide with their vehicle. The damage was minor and the injuries were minor. The clients treated with a chiropractor and did therapy for several months. The clients also received injections to help alleviate their pain. After a few months of negotiation, our team was able to resolve the case for $900,000. This was an excellent settlement considering the facts of the case.


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